3 Days in LA: A Packing List


Berty and I are packing our bags once more and headed south for the weekend…to Los Angeles! I get to come down here for work and Berty is coming along with me. While I am down here for my job, we are excited that there are also pockets of time during the day to explore and play! This will be my first time in LA, and Berty’s second, but we are really newbies to the city! I wonder if we will pass a celebrity on the sidewalk….

In the meantime, I checked the weather and it’s in the high 80s/low 90s this weekend. (YES!) Now I know everyone is getting excited about PSLs, cozy sweaters, and candles – but I’m okay with summer being juuuust a little bit longer.

Here’s what we’re packing for 3 days in Los Angeles

This is a carry-on only trip, so we are packing light and packing small! Berty and I have learned a few tricks about what’s important to bring and what to leave behind during our month-long trip to Indonesia, so packing for three days should be a piece of cake.


Weekend Bags:

Berty: Krochet Kids “Pike”Bag // Emily: Vera Bradley “Weekender Travel Bag”

It’s essential to have a sturdy carry-on. Berty brings his Krochet Kids duffel because it’s perfect for a short trip and just the right size to fit in an overhead compartment. My carry-on is from Vera Bradley and conveniently called “The Weekender”! This bag has toughed everything from camping trips to being checked on a plane, and even a week building houses in Tijuana! Best of all, with pockets on the inside AND outside, my organized self rejoices.

Packing List (Each)

3 t-shirts: Krochet Kids Gap

1-2 pair of jeans: BDG Black Jeans / Paige Denim / Zane Robe

1 pair of shorts: J Crew Chino in Mint

1 dress (Emily) Krochet Kids

Shoes: Converse / Birkenstocks

Headphones: Skull Candy



Camera Gear

Water Bottles

That’s It!

Want to see more packing ideas? Follow my Packing Pinterest Board for more tips!


We are spending most of our time in the Hollywood area, and are looking to take a trip up to Griffith Observatory as well as eat lots of tasty local food. Any suggestions?

P.S. Check out our Pinterest Board all about packing tips and tricks!