Olympic National Park Photography Guide

Olympic National Park Photography Guide

How to capture the ocean, rainforest, wildlife, mountains, and more!

Lake Crescent


This lake has beautiful shoreline and trails for you to enjoy. Spend some time at the iconic Mount Storm King Ranger Station, Marymere Falls, or hike Mount Storm King trail.

Hurricane Ridge


Visit Hurricane Ridge for sunrise or sunset. The sky will light up with pinks, oranges, and blues! Come with a jacket. It gets cold very quickly even in the summer!

MaryMere Falls


Marymere Falls is an easy 1.7-mile trail. It's one of the most popular Washington waterfalls in the Olympic Peninsula, and a fun trail to take with the whole family.

Sol Duc Falls


Sol Duc Falls is the most popular waterfall in Olympic National Park. It separates into three different parallel strands, plunging into the canyon below.

Second BEach


"La Push baby, it's La Push!" This iconic beach is a must-see (especially during summer sunsets) and *bonus* you can actually camp here!

Rialto Beach


Sun-bleached logs litter the shoreline giving it a somber vibe. Hike up the beach for 1.5 miles, to reach Hole-In-The-Wall, one of the most famous Washington photography locations.

TreE of Life


This is a tree that is positioned right below a washed-out cliff, barely hanging on the edges by its roots! Plan a PNW trip here soon - it's at risk of falling down for good.

Hoh Rainforest


Check out the Hall of Mosses Trail, an easy 1.1 mile loop that takes you to see moss, ferns, and fungi. It's also one of the wettest places on earth!

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