Everything You Need To Know About Burgdorf Hot Springs

Post Summary: What To Expect at Burgdorf Hot Springs (Updated Fall 2021) Natural healing hot springs, woodstoves for heat, log cabins with no electricity – does a place like this even still exist? Deep in the Idaho backcountry, not only does a place like this exist, it THRIVES as a matter-of-fact! Burgdorf Hot Springs is…

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7 Magical Things To Do In McCall Idaho In Winter

Post Summary: Things To Do In McCall, Idaho In The Winter (Hot Springs, Lodges + The McCall Winter Carnival!) When you think of Idaho, what comes to mind? Geothermal pools? Backcountry escapes? Lazy evenings paddling on the lake? In McCall, Idaho, you can experience all of that and more! This gorgeous resort town is full…

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