Our Indonesian Wedding

I debated for a long time about whether to post this or not, but it’s an important part of our life, so I figured it was worth sharing. This isn’t our usual post – just a little inside scoop as to who we are and what we’re all about. Our Indonesian Wedding Quick Prequel: Berty moved to…

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24 hours on the Java Sea: Jakarta –> Surabaya

My family is in Indonesia for one more week! After spending our first week in Jakarta, we are now spending the remainder of their time here in Surabaya and nearby. Surabaya is on the same island as Jakarta, but on the opposite side. It’s where Berty grew up until he moved to Seattle when he…

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Taman Mini Park

Taman Mini (Mini Indonesia) with the Family It’s Friday and we have been in Indonesia for three full days now. So far, we’ve toured the city of Jakarta, spent all day at a theme park called Fantasy World, and experienced enough traffic for a whole lifetime. After all, there are 10 million people in Jakarta…

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