29 Diverse Hiking Snacks To Spice Up Your Trail Menu

Post Summary: 10 Best Hiking Snacks To Bring On Your Next Adventure Have you ever been on a day hike and had snack-envy of the people around you? You’re slowly eating your third Clif Bar of the day as you’re watching your friends, or others around you, snack on PB&Js, meat sticks, homemade trail mix,…

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5 Delicious English Muffin Breakfast Recipes For Camping with Thomas’ Bread

Post Summary: English Muffin Breakfast Recipes Stumped on what to make for a camping breakfast?  If you’re like us, you want something delicious, quick, and simple to maximize your time spent enjoying the outdoors. Thomas’ English Muffins are the perfect fuel for your outdoor adventure (rain or shine) in the Pacific Northwest, and we’re sharing…

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