The BEST East Java Waterfalls You Must Explore In Indonesia

Post Summary: Adventurous East Java Waterfalls and where to find them. You’re here because you crave adventure. The thrill of turning a corner to reveal a roaring waterfall or smoking volcano is almost impossible to turn down! Every summer Berty and I come to East Java to visit family (Berty’s from Surabaya) and we go…

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The Ultimate Guide To Mount Bromo, Indonesia

If you’re looking for epic views and exciting adventures in Indonesia, this post is for you. However, visiting Mount Bromo is not for the faint of heart. The combination of unknown territory, tourist scams, and large crowds (all in a foreign language, Javanese, to add to it) make this journey an extremely challenging feat to…

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Sulphur Hot Springs and Waterfalls in Batu

Batu: Sulphur Hot Springs and Waterfalls in Batu, Indonesia We are spending the next two full days in a vacation town called Batu. I would compare this town to places like Lake Tahoe or Priest Lake in Idaho – a lot of people have second homes up here, but there are fewer who live here…

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