We’ve Got Some News To Share…

We’ve Got Some Big News…

Lots of changes have been happening in the Mandagie household.

We’ve been pretty quiet about it, because things like this take time, and we wanted to get everything settled and prepared before we broke out the big news. If we’ve been a little M.I.A. this summer, that’s probably why!

Before we begin, we wanted to give you a mini timeline of all the relevant events leading up to this.

It all started when Berty and I met in college, stayed up too late before university finals, and traveled the world together. (You can read the whole story on our About Us page!)

This picture is from one of our first hikes together, to Monte Cristo!


After dozens of hikes, late nights, and spontaneous sunsets, Berty popped the question (read our proposal story here!) and we got married in Seattle, Washington! (check out more wedding pictures at this post!)



We moved into our first apartment and got to work on building our website and business! Berty photographs weddings and does the photography side of our travel blog. I do the writing and promotion!

We both do photography and traveling blogging full-time, and when we’re not busy traveling, we’re sitting at home at our computers editing and typing away.

Our apartment was our little haven where personal/business lines were blurred and we were okay with being busy 24/7.

But now we’ve got a big change…



You thought this was a pregnancy announcement, huh? Well, no baby yet! Keep scrolling.


Okay, here it is…


We’ve been carefully saving for over a year now, and finally found our dream abode!

We’re so excited to make this transition into owning our own place, having a permanent office (hello work/life separation!), and not think about moving for a long, long time!

AND we’re moving cities… to Spokane, Washington!

We’ve found our perfect home, a 1910 Bungalow Craftsman in the heart of the city, close to coffee shops, parks, and vintage antique stores.

Berty and I couldn’t be more happy with our decision to buy, and we’re excited to grow our family and business with a little more breathing room too.

Here are a few pictures of it empty…

Here is what’s staying the same:

  • We’re still doing the same jobs. Blogging + Photography. The cool thing about our career is that it’s 100% mobile. Plus, we’ve got an airport 10 minutes away!
  • We’re staying in the Pacific Northwest. We love this corner of the world and we’re so excited to explore it more!
  • We’re mobile, still love to travel, and you’ll still find us all over the place. Having a house just means we’ll have a more permanent “home base” between adventures. Oh, and did I mention our own office? *heart eyes*

Here is what is going to be different:

  • WE BOUGHT A FREAKING HOUSE. We’re so excited to have a permanent home office, consistent place to stay, and a home base for all our adventures. House tour coming…eventually. We’ve got to buy furniture to fill it – as you know, we’re going from living in 500 square feet to 1500!
  • We’re exploring outside of Cascadia. We’ll still be exploring the Pacific side of the Cascade mountains, but will be sharing more to adventures in Idaho (which you know we’re obsessed with), Eastern Washington, Montana, Oregon, and Canada.
  • Berty and I are focusing on creating educational photography resources for you all. We’re hoping that our move will give us more time to start that big project!

We gotta fill in the east side of this map!
[interactive_map id=”8″]


So that’s it! That’s the big news.

We’re super thankful you have been following along on our journey, and we’re excited to keep inspiring, creating content, and showing you how you can have your own adventures in the PNW and beyond.

Let us know if you have any questions (or live in Spokane!!)! We’re always looking to connect with cool people in the area!


Berty and Emily Mandagie


15 thoughts on “We’ve Got Some News To Share…

  1. This also means it’s time to get a dog! * cough cough Goldendoodle cough cough* congratulations you guys!!!! The house is so cute!!!

    1. haha yes!! We’ve talked about that. Maybe when travel slows down a bit, but we’ll definitely get a doodle!

      And I don’t know if I told you, but we got the card! Thank you so much! <3

  2. One word WOW!
    Congratulations the house definitely fits your style. Would love to visit sometime.
    Greg & Althea B

  3. Congratulations!! Make sure to go to Green Bluff!
    I just moved out from Spokane, but both of you should come and visit me to Moses Lake.

  4. Congratulations, you guys! Spokane is a great place to settle. I stumbled across your blog while looking up info for North Idaho. I like what you are doing and look forward to seeing more adventures from Idaho. You’ve found the perfect spot to explore the greater Pacific/Inland Northwest! If you ever make it down to North Central Idaho (Lewiston area) and want to explore the Clearwater National Forest, feel free to reach out!

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