We’re Moving!!


WE ARE CURRENTLY MOVING! Don’t worry though. It’s the same city, just a different apartment. Berty and I are returning to our favorite neighborhood in Seattle, the University District. We both lived here during all our college years. After graduation, we were sick and tired of the same zip code and wanted to explore other parts of Seattle. However, as the year went by, we noticed that we drive up to the U District many times a week. We thought to ourselves “why did we ever move??” When our lease was up, it didn’t take much convincing to sign a new one right smack in the middle of the U District. It feels like returning to an old friend after a long time away!

Our move has been a whirlwind adventure! We’ve still got lots more to do and many boxes to unpack, but it’s fun doing it with each other. Seeing as I love lists, I’m going to share with you our favorite things about our new place in the meantime.

1. The character of our apartment

Our building was built in the 1920’s, which means it’s teeming with curves of crown molding, hand-crafted built-ins, and carefully placed marble threshold flooring strips (I KNOW right??). Every time I come through the door I’m excited for the potential this place has to become a creative historic masterpiece. You best believe that I will be sharing how I choose to decorate – I really love the modern/minimalistic look, but I’m playing with how I can express that style but also honor the history of our space. Stay tuned!

2. Endless food options

This one might be dangerous for both of us. Up and down our street are restaurants from every corner of the globe. We are so excited to return to our favorite eats and try new ones too. Some of our top choices are teriyaki (a Seattle staple), Herkimer Coffee, and Thai Tom.

3. The walkability

Our last place required a car to go practically everywhere, so having the opportunity to have alternative transportation options are so great. Buses come up and down our street, and the light rail is in close proximity! This is important to us seeing as parking in Seattle is becoming more rare everyday. Additionally, one of my favorite things to do with Berty is go on morning walks. We are lucky to have many options for that, including Greenlake and UW Campus!

4. Closeness to friends

Just yesterday, we picked up our couch that our friend stored for us while we were in Indonesia. We left our apartment preparing for a good amount of time sitting in the car. We arrived five minutes later. FIVE! Living so close to our friends is something that is important to us, and we are excited to come back into the city and make that a priority in our lives. Hooray for more “family” dinners and weekly TV show viewings!



Berty and I are looking forward to sharing our home journey with you guys, so prepare for regular updates on our new crib alongside the crazy travels we will encounter this year. Thank you for being a constant support and inspiration for both of us!


Thanks for reading,

Love, The Mandagies




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