Honeymoon Pt 1: Banff, Canada

It’s 5:00 am the morning after our wedding – we’re already on the road!

(I can’t think of a better sentence besides that to define our life together.)

This particular time, we are headed to Banff, Canada for the first part of our honeymoon.

We also had a 16-hour drive ahead of us and nothing but time to talk about all the fun memories of our wedding the day before.

We spend most of the morning doing just that – talking, visiting, and reading the pile of cards we received from friends and family.

Berty, being the fantastic photographer he is, made sure our trip was well documented.

Keep reading for some serious mountain envy! Included below are some of our favorite stops in Canada.

Our Canadian Honeymoon


at Moraine Lake


1. Lake Louise// Moraine Lake

This lake was on the way to our resort and we had heard it’s a must-see in Banff.

When we arrived, It was nearly 9 pm so the crowds had long gone and we had the lake all to ourselves!

It was such a nice welcome to Banff. We came again a few days later to see the lake again and check out Moraine Lake as well.

Later in our trip, we learned about the Lake Agnes Tea House Hike – this alone is convincing enough to make a second trip to Alberta!

Did you know that baking supplies like flour and sugar are flown in via helicopter to the Tea House?! Now that’s dedication.




banff, canada

2. Stone Ridge Mountain Resort

Our place was absolutely stunning.

We stayed at the Stone Ridge Mountain Resort, which was only a short drive away from the National Park.

It had three bedrooms, a full kitchen, stellar views, and the most fun swimming pool and spa – we hung out there nearly every day!

Berty used one of the bedrooms as his “travel office” and he would edit photos in the evening while we rested.

To save money, we also bought a ton of groceries and cooked our own meals in the fully-stocked kitchen.

We saved a lot this way, and had more in our budget to take fun adventures around Banff. Which brings me to my next highlight…






3. Lake Minnewanka // Gondola, Sulfur Mountain

We decided to go the tourist-y route and buy tickets for a boat cruise on Lake Minnewanka.

On board, we had a guide who was super entertaining. He would share facts about the lake and wildlife as we drove across the water.

It was really fun to learn about a new place and how it came to be! Later that day, we bought tickets for a gondola ride up the Sulphur Mountain.

From there we saw stunning views of the town of Banff. At the top of the mountain, they had several levels of the boardwalk and you could see for miles in all directions!




4. Vermillion Lakes // Mt. Rundle

Berty and I met up with the General Manager, John, of the Stone Ridge Mountain Resort to take photos at Vermillion Lakes.

We hung out for a really long time because the sun didn’t set until nearly 10 pm!

All in all, it was a great time to visit and meet other photographers who were there. I am not a photographer myself, but it was fun to see Berty and John enjoy taking photos here.

When the waters had finally become still, you could see Mt Rundle! Berty and I were very thankful for John and his friendship, as well as his recommendation to check out these cool lakes!

What a killer view, am I right??


While this is the end of our Canadian adventure, there is more ahead! Check out the second part of our honeymoon here!


Thanks for reading!


The Mandagies

Photos taken by: Berty Mandagie


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