Top 10 Best Sleeping Bags For Backpacking and Camping

Post Summary: The Best Sleeping Bags for Backpacking and Camping Finding the perfect sleeping bag for your backpacking or car camping adventures can seem like an incredibly daunting task. There are so many different brands, styles, degree-ratings, and technical specs to think about and choose from. How do you even start?! Don’t worry – we’re…

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The 11 Best Camping Stoves For Car Camping & Backpacking

Post Summary: Best Camping Stoves For Car Camping and Backpacking, Written by Adventure Contributor Whitney Matthews Love to cook? It’s even more fun when camping because you can whip up your favorite meal in the middle of nature! But, which camping stove to choose, and which are the best camping stoves? The options are endless,…

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Camping Hygiene Guide: 14 Essential Tips for Staying Clean on Camping and Backpacking Trips

One of the most intimidating and uncomfortable parts about spending multiple days outdoors is camping hygiene – staying clean while backpacking.

Where do you poop? What if you get smelly and sweaty? How do you wash your hands? How do you shower?

In this post, you’ll find our best backpacking hygiene tips, personal hygiene essentials, and creative ways to stay as fresh and clean as possible.

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The Complete Guide To Your Beginner Backpacking Gear List

Where do you even start when it comes to packing for your first backpacking trip? To help take a little weight off your shoulders (pun definitely intended), here’s our complete list of everything you’re going to need for your beginner backpacking trip! (With a free download too!)

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