Music Monday: Memories


This is not actually a new playlist. I created this during my college years. There’s something about music that connects with me, and I wanted to share this list I made from a long time ago. I’m not sure what it is, but when I hear a song I get transported back to that certain trip I took, the people I was with, the dinner we had around the table, etc. Does music do the same for you? Bring all the memories flooding back in real time? I wanted to bring this playlist out from the archives of my endless lists and remind myself of bands I once loved!Β This week, try and find a band you once loved and listen to your favorite songs! I hope it brings back wonderful memories for you.

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Is there a special way you recall memories? A certain smell? A photograph? I’d love to hear about it. Leave a comment below!


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Thanks for reading as always,



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