Music Monday: Happy

Hey Emily, do you want to go to a coffee shop?” Berty asks me on a sunny (!!!) Seattle Saturday. Now, to anyone else in the world, coffee shops are equivalent to chattingย with close friends and study group meetings. But to Berty and I that means PRODUCTIVITY! We quickly packed our bags, headed to the Miir Flagship Store, and plopped down with our vanilla lattes to crank out some work. We can easily spend hours perfecting posts and pictures to share with you all. This playlist was inspired and created by that feeling of accomplishment – hopefully this music can help you accomplish whatever you have on your plate this week and be happy. Enjoy!


Playlistย 21: Happy




Whatย is one thing you are happy about this week? Who in your life makes you happy? We want to know in the comments below!

Thanks so much for reading (and listening!)


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