9 Ways To Keep Your Tech Safe Abroad

In the age of cameras, Instagram, Facebook Live, and GoPro Adventures, there are many reasons why bringing tech abroad can be exciting. Read more for smart ways to keep your gear safe when traveling!


9 Ways To Keep Your Tech Safe Abroad


Don’t Bring What You Don’t Need

Sometimes it’s tempting to bring all your gear just in case you want to use it. But really consider what you use and what you will use maybe once. Berty also says that bringing less tech forces you to get creative with what you DO bring. Think about a versatile piece of equipment rather than many things that do one job. For example…your phone! It can take videos, pictures, use the internet, send emails, and be a GPS….all in one device!

Get Travelers Insurance

I don’t have much experience with this one yet (my computer is a piece of crap so we rarely bother) but when we upgrade, I want to know that my tech is covered. Travel blogger Nomadic Matt wrote a really informative blog post on traveler’s insurance if you want to learn more.

Research The Area

It’s important to know what you’re up against, safety wise, when preparing for your trip. Knowing what kind of crime you will face will give you a heads up on local thieves. Some areas in Paris may be big for pick-pocketers while places like Bangkok might see more drink spiking. If you know the tricks people use in that area, you can be more prepared to keep your stuff with you.

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Store Valuables In Locked Compartments

When you aren’t using your gear, lock it away out of sight. Berty and I own two PacSafe bags. One similar to Berty’s Ona Messenger Bag, and another one like a shoulder sling bag. They each have lockable zippers as well as hidden secret pockets inside. Storing technology inside locked compartments has two advantages; thieves can’t see your stuff, and if they did somehow, it’s extremely hard to steal.

Password Protect Everything

Yeah. This doesn’t need much explaining. 🙂 However, if you have multiple passwords for various programs and don’t want to forget them, consider a program like Last Pass to store that information.

Backup Your Computer

It’s important to have a copy of all your computer’s documents and files in a safe place at home. (On a hard drive for example) This ensures that if your computer gets lost, your whole life isn’t with it! Which leads me to my next point…

Picture Dump At Home

Pictures are extremely valuable to Berty and I. Before we leave on a trip, Berty always copies his pictures onto a large hard drive that lives on his desk. Permanently. No more losing memories! You can also turn on iCloud or Google Photos to backup your photos on wifi DURING your trip!

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Don’t Expose To Extreme Temps/Weather Conditions

If your gear gets too hot or too cold, sometimes it won’t be able to work properly. General rules consist of keeping phones out of the sun, covered from potential rain, and stored inside (obviously). If you DO wish to take gear out in extreme weather conditions, make sure you are prepared. Here’s a link to lots of cool products solely made to keep your stuff safe and dry.

Know The Risks

No matter how much you prepare, there is always a chance your gear can get stolen or broken. Some thieves are really good at what they do. Other times the weather can be unforgiving and halt your camera’s capabilities. Travel aware that your gear can easily have something happen to it. This may give you motivation to keep an extra eye on what’s important to you!

We made it to Vancouver, B.C. last night! If you could travel anywhere in the world RIGHT NOW… where would you go?

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Are there ways you keep your tech safe when traveling? A specific bag? An online program? We’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments!

Thanks for reading!



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