20 Energizing Hikes in the PNW

With nearly 700 miles of outdoor trail in Washington alone, there are countless options to get outside and explore! Read on to discover our favorite trails and views around the Pacific Northwest.

You just read that first line and are probably thinking, “Oh my gosh, how am I supposed to choose from so many options?!” To be honest, I have never been on a PNW hike that was disappointing. But, if you want some that are tested by Berty and I (and are super beautiful) we’ve created this list of 20 hikes in the PNW that we recommend! We also suggest cross-checking reviews on sites like All Trails and WA State Parks Website. They can give you more in-depth information about season conditions and other useful information!

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Mother Nature’s best friend.

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20 Energizing Hikes in the PNW


          1. Lake 22
          2. Monte Cristo
          3. Snow Lake
          4. Colchuck Lake
          5. Heather Lake
          6. Hurricane Ridge
          7. Cape Flattery
          8. La Push Second Beach Trail
          9. Rattlesnake Ledge
          10. Comet Falls
          11. Paradise Loop – Mt. Rainier
          12. Rainforest Nature Loop – Mt Rainier
          13. Hoh Rainforest Loop
          14. Artist Point
          15. Gothic Basin
          16. Ice Caves
          17. Mt. St. Helens Ape Canyon/Caves
          18. Big Si
          19. Little Si
          20. Palouse Falls


yesterday, we went to have a picnic next to a frozen waterfall. #optoutside

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What are some of your favorite hikes in the area? Berty and I are always looking for new spots so we’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for reading!


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February 20, 2017


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    February 20, 2017

    I love this post. We just moved here. WE downloaded All Trails last week and did some hiking in Mukilteo. The whole time we were thinking and talking about all things that we need to get. First on the list hiking boots.

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      February 20, 2017

      Thanks so much! I’m glad you got that app, it’s super useful! And hiking boots are definitely a start!