A Weekend in Paris: A Packing List

Are you going to spend a weekend in Paris? Read on to discover what we packed for a winter getaway!

Berty and I recently returned from a lightning fast weekend in Paris. Berty was on a photography assignment, shooting an elopement in the city. When he wasn’t busy with his work, we ran around exploring as much of the city as we could. Paris is such a culturally rich and beautiful place! Knowing we had limited time, we decided to hit the main attractions so that on our next visit to Paris, we could take it slower and enjoy the little neighborhoods and smaller pleasures of the city.

When it came to packing, we both agreed that we would bring the essentials and nothing more. We didn’t want to waste our time in baggage claim or even risk losing precious camera equipment. Berty and I wanted to spend maximum time enjoying Paris, and minimal time dragging suitcases down its cobblestone streets!

So, with our two carry-ons, (My Vera Bradley Weekender, and Berty’s Away case) we wanted to share with you what we brought for a weekend in Paris!

Weekend in Paris: A Packing List

Winter Edition





  • We each brought 1 extra pair of shoes
  • Makeup, toothbrushes, and toothpaste
  • PacSafe Daypack (which I will make another blog post about in the future, I love this bag so much!)
  • Berty’s photography gear (obviously)

That’s it!!

We purposely packed super small because we wanted to spend as much time in the city as possible. (And not lugging around giant suitcases) I was so glad we packed only carry-ons!

Where have you gone only packing a carry-on? Did you regret it? Or was it just the right amount of gear? Tell us in the comments!


Thanks so much for reading!




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    Char Beck

    January 30, 2017

    SO with you here. Gotta pack light, and come on, it’s not like anyone cares what you look like when you’re touristing around πŸ˜‰ As long as you feel comfy and somewhat presentable, then BOOM you got it. LOVE THE SITE YOU GUYS. It looks SO dope! You’ve been working hard I can tell!

    • Reply


      January 30, 2017

      TOTALLY. We packed clothes that were the same colors and ONLY enough for the weekend so we weren’t dragging around unnecessary options! And thanks! It’s been a lot of work, but also really rewarding too!