Music Mondays: Fresh Beginnings

Playlist 15: Fresh Beginnings

It’s 2017! What are your hopes and dreams for this year? Where do you want to travel? This year Berty and I will be visiting Paris in January, and have already booked tickets back to Indonesia in the summer…and it’s just January 1st! Who knows where this next year will take us. I hope this playlist can accompany any dreams you are pursuing in 2017, and will inspire you in all of your fresh beginnings.

Extra: If you have been liking these playlists, let’s connect on Spotify! I’m always down to hear new music! I would love to be a part of your music community. Let’s get together!

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What is something you want to accomplish in the new year? Do you need some fresh beginnings? I’d love to hear what you share! Comment below!


Thanks so much for reading (and listening!)


Every Monday, Berty and I will post a playlist to get you pumped for the week. These playlists will be inspired by events happening in our lives, but we love suggestions too! You can find these playlists on our Spotify account. Follow along with us!


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