Music Mondays: Low-Key NYE Party

Playlist 14: Low-Key NYE Party

Berty and I are staying a few more nights in Spokane, but are flying back to Seattle to celebrate New Year’s Eve with our friends. We are starting to begin a new tradition of spending NYE in Seattle! We are hoping to begin new traditions with our friends there. When I (Emily) was younger, we used to host people at our family’s house and we played board games and puzzled all night. I remember those nights being so relaxed and fun, no pressure to dress up or go out anywhere. If you have plans similar (staying home with friends) I’ve made a playlist for you right here. I filled this playlist with understated beats that won’t overpower your house but still give you a festive vibe. Let me know what you think and give it a listen during your NYE Party!

Extra: If you have been liking these playlists, let’s connect on Spotify! I’m always down to hear new music! I would love to be a part of your music community. Let’s get together!

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Do you have regular plans for New Year’s Eve? I’d love to hear what you share! Comment below!


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