Music Mondays: Dinner Party

 Playlist 11: Dinner Party

Tis the season for friendly gatherings, parties and more! I wanted to fill this list with feel-good music perfect for background listening. Something that would compliment your party, but not invade it! If you or someone you know is hosting, consider this playlist for your background tunes. (Less to plan?! THANK YOU Emily!) This year, Berty and I aren’t hosting a dinner party (our apartment is way too small!) but we are gladly attending some, including our family’s annual christmas party in Spokane.

I purposely didn’t include Christmas music so that you could use this dinner party playlist during any time of the year! And also secretly because mainstream Christmas music irritates me. 


Extra: If you have been liking these playlists, let’s connect on Spotify! I’m always down to hear new music! I would love to be a part of your music community. Let’s get together!

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Thanks so much for reading (and listening!)


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