Music Mondays: Relax

 Playlist 10: Relax

This past weekend, Berty, my brother, our friend and I drove to Spokane to spend Thanksgiving with my family. I was excited to reunite with them because it was the first time coming back since moving into our new apartment. During Thanksgiving in Spokane, it’s a tradition for my family to break out a puzzle and work on it all weekend. I was looking forward to puzzling with my mom and catching up on life. However, it turns out that we quickly booked ourselves with (good!) things to do and people to see. This left little time for relaxing *and puzzling!* Gah!

Now, Berty and I are back in Seattle, and we are looking forward to returning to a routine and taking a slow week. We hope these mellow tunes allow you to slow down and relax like us. Enjoy!

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