Music Mondays: 09: PNW Origins

 Playlist 09: Pacific Northwest Origins

Okay, so hear me out. Has there ever been a music album, artist, or playlist that brings back certain memories? For example, I listen to Death Cab For Cutie every time I make the drive to Spokane. DCFC now reminds me of being on a journey, waiting for something, and the anticipation for what will happen next! Do you ever get that feeling? I made this playlist for those times when I miss Seattle. I have it because every time Berty and I are traveling and I get homesick, I break out these handful of songs with roots in the Pacific Northwest. It’s grounds me back to the evergreens, fog, mountains…it just feels right! So, to celebrate living in the best place on Earth, I introduce you to the compilation of artists with PNW origins. Enjoy!

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